Saturday, February 24, 2007

customized paper sneaker@ via via cafe jogjakarta.17 september 2006

The show is called Paper Soles, and is based on the global phenomena amongst young people and a product of the footwear industry, more commonly known as sneakers. Sneakers is a term for shoes made from flexible material and rubber soles. Initially used as sportswear, sneakers have now become a dominant item in ‘casual lifestyle’ culture.
Papers Soles comprises of sneakers, along with its box packaging, much like branded sneakers sold on the market. However, unlike those produced for mass consumption, the sneakers in this show are customized and produced manually from paper. This show invites artists that represent this subculture, or sneaker lovers, to use these paper sneakers as a medium for the creation of artworks.
Paper Soles is not a promotion of a shoe industry or marketing brand, but rather a celebration of the youth subculture. This show will open on Sunday, 17 September 2006, and will be exhibited for 3 weeks from this date.

Curator and organizer (and artist):

Arie Dyanto,, +6281804077211

ViaVia café
Jalan Prawirotaman 30
tel:+62 274 386557

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